Myofascial Release for a tight neck or shoulder

For people who have jobs that require them to sit at a computer all day or manual labor jobs can have a tendency to be put in a position where they lean forward a lot. This can cause to something called Upper Crossed Syndrome. This is a postural dysfunction causes overly tight neck and shoulders muscles.

Performing Self-Myofascial techniques on your upper trap muscles will help to relieve tight neck and shoulder muscles. This will reduce muscle soreness and tension, and improve overall range of motion for the shoulders, reduce and eliminate that painful headaches.

The upper trapezius (known as the traps muscles) get overworked with little to no ease. Anytime of shrug your traps to your ear you are causing your neck muscles (Levator Scapula, Traps and the deep cervical muscles to contract (or shorten). Hunching over and can often cause stress and bad tension headaches.

upper traps, self trigger point knots, tension headaches treatment
Trap Muscle

The great news is that all you need is a tennis ball or massage ball and perform the following self-myofascial technique.

  1. Lie on your back with your knees bent up and place. You can also do this standing up against a wall.
  2. Position your smr tool under your upper traps where it is the most sensitive.
NOTE: You will be able to feel the knots and tight muscles through this area. Trigger points are noticeable and you can palpate them. They will feel like a marble or knot under the skin.
Back on floor
Standing against a wall

3. Raise your shoulder towards your ear and oscillate it up and down until you find the spot and keep pressure on it for approximately 30 seconds.

NOTE: If you want to increase the pressure you can simply lift your glutes off the ground as you are doing a glute bridge. This will allow you to apply more pressure to the trigger point.


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