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by oxygen, which are fruits, veggies, a clean diet and exercise. Sick cells are fueled by acid forming foods, which are primarily carbs and sugar. Sick cells become a magnet, especially for sugar. What we feed grows. What cells do you want to feed?

o Fruits and vegetables are alkaline, and your body needs these.

The foods we eat are either acidic or alkaline.

What do acidic foods do?

  • They lead to inflammation! Inflammation creates diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer, wrinkles, most illnesses, bacterial and viral infections, and so on.
  • All disease is born out of an acidic environment. Disease cannot grow in an alkaline environment.
  • Most acidic foods are man-made, which are processed, fake and junk; anything packaged or boxed.

What do alkaline foods do?

o They starve the disease process because they create an anti-inflammatory environment.

o Did you know that cancer cannot live in an alkaline body? Here are some cancer stats: Currently, 41% of us have cancer. So, chances are that 1 out of 2 of us will get some type of cancer. Our body is made up of both healthy cells and sick cells. Healthy cells are fed


  1. Refined sugar:Daily intake of sugar causes the body to be in a continual acid state. It leaches the body of precious vitamins & minerals and even causes wrinkles. Sugar increases insulin and insulin increases fat storage.
  2. Artificial sweeteners:Not any better. Why? Because they are FAKE. Aspartame is POISON and a known neurotoxin. There are over 90 medical conditions linked to aspartame. Some include headaches, migraines, seizures, joint pain, depression, fibromyalgia, etc. Our body has ZERO idea how to process anything fake. Artificial sweeteners also spike insulin, just like sugar. It is a known statistic that Diet Coke drinkers usually weigh more than regular Coke drinkers. The best alternative is Stevia, a plant- based sweetener, which is becoming popular. That’s what we use in our products!
  3. Processed foods:These are the foods that are packaged and contain lots of preservatives and additives. The less ingredients the better.

Dairy: Diary is HIGHLY acidic. It causes bloating, gas and belly pain. People drink milk for calcium, but there is very little calcium in milk today; it is usually made up of sugar, hormones and antibiotics. Only 30% of calcium in milk can be absorbed into the body. A great alternative to milk is almond milk. It has 2x the calcium of milk or spinach. It is fabulous blended in our protein shakes!!

Whey: Whey protein is a derivative of dairy. It’s the most common and cheapest form of protein available. It is thought to help build muscle, but it’s very difficult to digest and is linked to digestive disease. It’s also highly processed and acidic. Here is what the Mayo Clinic has to say about whey protein: “Whey protein may cause abnormal heart rhythms, changes in cholesterol levels, headache, increased diabetes risk, increased fracture or osteoporosis risk, kidney dysfunction, liver damage, stomach or intestine symptoms (acid reflux, bloating, constipation, cramps, gas, increased bowel movements, movement problems, nausea, reduced appetite, swelling of limbs, and upset stomach), and thirst.” Vegan protein is more effective in building lean muscle, and a much healthier option. Our protein is vegan, and it has a complete amino acid profile which includes 3 amino acids for muscle building

Gluten: It is a sticky protein found in wheat. It is estimated that 50% of the population has some sort of intolerance to gluten! It is difficult to digest and causes bloating or the “pot belly.” It can also cause focus issues, migraines, ADHD and asthma. It also decreases our immune system, causes loss of energy, clogged sinus and slow weight gain. Why? Well, because our bodies could digest “old school wheat,” but it can’t digest “modernized wheat.” The wheat on the market today is a new breed, much different from the grains our ancestors ate decades ago. It is now cross-bred, which is turning a crop into something neither physically nor genetically like its old self! The book “Wheat Belly” says that 2 slices of wheat toast spikes your blood sugar higher than a Snickers Bar!

  • Soy:Soy is a highly processed crop and is 90% genetically modified. Soy is very acidic, difficult to digest and highly inflammatory. It is also widely used in almost all processed foods. Soy also contains plant estrogen, which mimics the effect of female hormones. That puts us at risk for female cancers, and it is also known to grow breasts in males. It can actually cause men to lactate.
  • Coffee and alcohol:Coffee is highly acidic, which we are trying to prevent. It will cause your energy to spike, then crash. Most people who are addicted to coffee before this detox have more energy not drinking coffee than they had when they did drink it. Alcohol is addictive and often it is loaded with sugar and/or gluten. We want to decrease the toxic load on our liver, and coffee and alcohol add to it.


  • Both simple carbohydrates and sugar spike our blood sugar. Sugar increases insulin, and insulin increases fat storage. When your blood sugar is high, your body holds on to fat!
  • Scientists have established that anything that causes a rise in our blood sugar results in inflammation, and inflammation is at the basis of virtually every disease process.
  • If you have a glass of orange juice and a bowl of processed cereal, you’ve maxed your ideal sugar intake for the rest of the day! We have to keep our blood sugar balanced.
  • Here are some tips for keeping your blood sugar balanced:
  • Eat about every 3-4 hours, avoid skipping meals and eating excessively large portions of refined carbohydrates.
  • Eat whole food snacks and meals that contain protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy and high quality fats and fiber. This is one of the things you will conquer in our Detox Bootcamp!

OKAY – Those are the “heavy hitters,” the things we are going to eliminate from our diet for 30 days! We will also give you a substitution guide, recipes, shopping lists, etc.


  • I’m going to show you how you can save both TIME and MONEY by choosing Arbonne Nutrition!
  • Replacing some of your meals with Arbonne protein shakes is CHEAPER than grocery shopping or eating out, but it is also easier and healthier!
  • I challenge you to follow our program for 30 days and see how amazing you will look and feel.

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