8 Week Customized Workout Program




  • Program Duration: (8 weeks) via Skype, FaceTime or in person if you live locally
  • Includes: (1) full hour session and (7) reassessment sessions
  • Unlimited communication email or text for questions
  • Paperwork (Medical Forms, Subjective Assessments)
  • Static Physical Assessment
  • Dynamic Physical Assessment
  • Cardiorespiratory Assessment
  • Basic RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) calculation
  • Basic Body Composition (Weight, Measurements, Body Fat %)
    • We have state of the art testing done here in Charlotte for a small fee.
  • Customized Exercise Workout Plan
  • Weekly progress check-in’s (Reassessments)

NOTE: Meal Plans and Metabolic Testing – These are a separate fee and performed by a Registered Dietitian.

NOTE: You will be given instructions on how to correct your muscle imbalances found during your assessments. These will be corrected via using Self-Myofascia Release techniques using a Foam Roller and strengthened through the Corrective Exercise Program.

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