All training packages we offer are live virtual personal training done thought FaceTime or Skype where we can see each other. You let us know what type equipment you have access to we will design your workout based on your modality (equipment), current physical ability, and your goals. Virtual sessions are great because they can easily be conducted anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Because overhead is less and the sessions are shorter, our live virtual personal training packages cost much less than the in-person alternative.

Functional Movement
In our first session we will go over a series of static and dynamic assessments that will indicate your muscle imbalances. This will be your programs starting point and we will build from here.
Program Design and ImplementationOnce your assessments have been completed we will look at your under / over active muscles and design a corrective program to help you restore your normal muscle lengths and functionality. We will also setup some short term and long term goals for you to be successful.
Executing your programYou will be responsible for putting in the work because this is a lifestyle change! During each weekly personal training session we make sure that your form is excellent and that you are exercising at an appropriate intensity for your abilities and to reach your short term goals.
ReassessementWe will meet weekly to reassess your progress so we can move you along to the next stage of your program.

We follow the principals of the National Academy of Sport Medicine. To see exactly how we will help to achieve success: click here

These are the packages that we currently offer

30 Minute Session
60 Minute Session
4 Week Customized Workout Program
8 Week Customized Workout Program
12 Week Customized Workout Program
16 Week Customized Workout Program
Speed, Agility & Quickness ProgramsComing soon
1 Hour Corrective Exercise AssessmentComing soon
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